This section will be presenting the major companies and individuals that make the Goff Group community.
In the future, the community section will become an independent project and resource.

“I’m sure that high-tech projects should unite both artificial intelligence and entertainment industry (eSports, MMOGs, the latest gadgets, including health and sports, VR and AR), scientific developments and nature, technology and science, education, economics, culture, sports, medicine, etc. A strong community should determine the most effective direction for all these sectors. This strong community consists of people from different spheres, of different ages, living in different countries of the world, but cherishing one common goal and dream to improve this world. A strong community always gives each truly interested person a chance to express and reason their point of view. The world has long become more global, more complex and easier at the same time. Rapid creation and rapid destruction, momentary and global thinking are things one must learn to manage. Effective communication depends on each of us.”