Goff Group (Goff Media Group) is a multi-skilled Russian company with an interest in technology-based media and business projects in Russia and worldwide with an emphasis on the media, telecommunications, Internet and entertainment industries. The company was established in summer 2017 with the goal of uniting the efforts and knowledge of professionals around the world, attracting investments to various modern projects, providing relevant services, and developing sustainable business ties, and forming a strong community. Trying to unify interests of the company’s founder, Ms. Gof, and business partners into one group, Goff Media shapes the intellectual and financial capital in different companies that represent the Goff Media Group. The latter is incarnated for the purpose of building business in Russia and abroad, efficient asset management, investment opportunities directly in the group’s projects, high level of transparency, and international standards of corporate management. Thus, stimulating all the market professionals, creating opportunities for the implementation of their creative ideas, giving the chance to be a part of the Goff Group community. Goff Group also plans to support (in the future) social projects in the areas of art, sports, education, science, technology, environment. International investors of the group are offered to invest in Russian projects, thus encouraging economic growth and development of innovations in Russia.

The founder of the company is Violetta Gof.


Awards: March, 2015 (order of Ministry of Sport of Russia, 31 December, 2014, Moscow) a diploma and a commemorative medal of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, for the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games of 2014 in the city of Sochi.

Gof Violetta

Founder of Goff Group (Goff Media Group)

Violetta Gof is a Russian media manager who has worked successfully in the field of media for over 15 years, including high-tech companies. Mrs. Gof passionately nourishes the development of high-tech projects, being a firm believer that the goal of all modern innovations is to create a technological world of the future that will benefit society and make life much brighter, much more interesting, accessible, and much more accomplished.

“I’m sure that high-tech projects should unite both artificial intelligence and entertainment industry (eSports, MMOGs, the latest gadgets, including health and sports, VR and AR), scientific developments and nature, technology and science, education, economics, culture, sport, medicine, etc. A strong community should determine the most effective direction for all these sectors. This strong community consists of people from different spheres, of different ages, living in different countries but cherishing one common goal and dream to improve this world. A strong community always gives each truly interested person a chance to express and reason their point of view. The world has already become more global, more complex and easier at the same time. Rapid creation and rapid destruction, momentary and global thinking are things one must learn to manage. Effective communication depends on each of us. ”

The Goff Group project team unites professionals with competencies in diverse fields – technology, television, advertising, marketing, editorial, art, sports, education, as well as economics, jurisprudence, etc. – and consists of specialists well-known in Russian media and business market with long-term and successful experience in the implementation of worldwide projects.

Most of the company’s specialists personally worked on the preparation and implementation of all major sports and cultural projects of international level.

Goff Group (Goff Media Group) aspires to long-term prospects in business development, bearing in mind the interests of every partner company and individual, while developing high-tech industries, it sees the importance in focusing on social issues and directions. The group offers transparent business relations to all business participants from a specialist to a client and to an investor. Goff Group (Goff Media Group) believes in human intellect and capital that creates interesting projects and contributes to the development of innovations, and has a positive impact on the economics.

The main areas of the company are new technologies and media; entertainment industry: eSports, MMOGs, VR and AR; artificial intelligence, development of mobile applications, creation of concepts and launch of turn-key projects, assistance in obtaining permits to hold media activities for Russian and international companies in the Russian Federation.

Goff Group (Goff Media Group LLC) is a Russian company that works at the intersection of modern technologies and television projects, including creation and development of products for various segments of the media business.

The main services of the company:

Creation and monetization of television channels of satellite and cable broadcasting, Internet resources, OTT platforms, mobile applications

Creation of corporate style for projects (from a logo to the visualization of all products)

Production of video material of any format (international broadcasts, commercials, television programs, shooting of eSports tournaments and MMOGs, etc.)

Attraction of sponsorship budgets and investments to various projects in the format of the group’s business, including eSports sponsorship

Development of media business on the territory of the Russian Federation

Advisory services in the field of media business, including permit acquisition for media activities

Organization and conduct of VIP events with a display of art paintings from private galleries of the world

Other services in accordance with the Goff Media Group LLC charter

Art photo projects for digital and printed media

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